The world's first book of Shinro logic puzzles is now available! Inside it you will find over 600 addictive puzzles. If you like Sudoku or Minesweeper, you will love Shinro puzzles. Can you find all twelve hidden marbles using only the arrows and numbers? Give it a try for free by downloading the free edition, or playing online!

What is Shinro?

(Introductory video)

Shinro is a simple logic puzzle that first appeared in Japanese puzzle magazines. The puzzle company Puzzability discovered the puzzles and coined the name Shinro, which is a Japanese word that means “compass-bearing.” The company created an international sensation by publishing the puzzles in Spirit, the in-flight magazine of Southwest Airlines. The puzzle’s simple rules, and its similarities to Sudoku and Minesweeper, make it very appealing to puzzle enthusiasts. In the book you will find 616 brand new, never-before-seen Shinro puzzles that will challenge and entertain you.

A Shinro puzzle is an 8x8 square grid. Your job is to locate twelve hidden marbles, based on the clues in the puzzle: numbers and arrows. A number on the top tells you how many marbles are in the column underneath the number. A number on the side tells you how many marbles are in the row next to the number. Each arrow on the puzzle board points to at least one hidden marble. Not every marble has an arrow pointing to it.

Every puzzle in the book can be solved entirely with logic and reason. No guessing is required! If you get stuck, and need some hints, look at the strategy guide in the Appendix. Every puzzle can be solved using the techniques described there. For the best challenge, try to discover these techniques on your own!

Grab the book, download the free edition, or play online to challenge your problem-solving skills and keep your brain fresh!